Mini Militia Mod apk Latest Version 5.2.1 Download now 2020

Have you ever wanted to join as a member of the cold-blooded military? If so, then you’re in luck. You should definitely consider to download Mini Militia for Android.

This game is based on getting involved in some heavy cross border firing mayhem. But don’t worry, there is nothing too serious going on here, it’s just a game. An amazingly designed 2D mobile game, at that. It’s so easy to get enticed, immersed, and fully-invested in the action.

On top of that, the fast-paced multiplayer action will keep you playing from any location with friends. So, grab a few of your buddies and camp it out while you shoot a few rounds together.

Regardless of how you play, online or offline – Mini Militia for Android is surely a satisfying experience.

Only the Bravest Survive!

Your primary objective is to take on enemy strikes and eliminate them, while you survive wave after wave. Soldiers also have limited amount of resources. Meaning, you’ll need to let every bullet and grenade count.

In addition, there is a time limit invoked. Simply surviving isn’t enough for you to claim victory. You’ll need to eliminate everything on-screen in order to progress.

Merely controlling your soldier is difficult enough, and the added use of grenades add another layer of complexity.

Don’t just hide behind the bushes or trees, or stick to the ground. In this game, you can use rocket shoes to fly just like a jetpack, or hop and jump

With all of these aspects to the gameplay, it’s no wonder people are raving to get their hands on Mini Militia. And there shouldn’t be any reason why you don’t either.

Amazing Features to Heat Up Gameplay

Be a part of an online battle with up to 6 players at once. Play with friends or strangers to get more diverse gun battles.

There are more than 20 maps for you to explore. So forget about getting stuck at the same old boring locations all the time.

Several weapons glorify the game to even bigger extent. Sink your teeth into all the different guns available. They range from modern to more Sci-Fi types of artillery.

Last, you can test your luck in the offline survival mode and see your durability. Hurdle waves of enemies until you drop.

Regardless of the game mode, there are many things to do and always a way to ease your boredom.

Funny 2D graphics

The game looks fun and exciting for anyone to pick up and play. Check out all of the animated and cartoony soldiers lob grenades and blow each other to kingdom come.

The level of clarity is satisfactory, to say the least. You’ll at least recognize each of the warzones and battlegrounds. Either way, that’s not the reason to play Mini Militia. You came for the action and that’s definitely delivered to you.

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  • Unlimited bomb
  • Store purchase
  • Normal player


  • Unlimited bomb
  • Store purchase
  • Unlimited flying
  • Unlimited bullets
  • No reload
  • No one can say that you are a hacker




    • Unlimited bullets
    • Store purchase
    • Unlimited flying
    • All gun laser
    • No reloading
    • 2x Bullet speed
    • Only a hacker/hero can kill you




  • Invisible
  • Store purchase
  • Unlimited flying
  • All gun laser
  • 5x Instant health
  • No reloading
  • Unlimited ammo and bomb
  • Wall hack
  • 3x player speed




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